Student Tutor and Student Volunteer for International Students

Student Tutor System

This system applies to all international students of the University. A Japanese student is assigned to you as a tutor in order to provide you with personal assistance. Under the guidance of an academic advisor, your tutor will not only assist you in learning Japanese or other subjects related to your major, but will also help you adjust to your new environment. As a rule, undergraduate students can take advantage of this system for the first two years after enrollment. Graduate students, research students and auditors (except for Prefecture Funded International Students (kenpi-ryugakusei) can have tutors during their first year. Short Term Program students, Japanese Studies Program students, Teacher Training students and Prefecture Funded International Students (kenpi-ryugakusei) can have tutors during their first six months. International students who are eligible to have tutors can apply at the Global Education Section.  

Student Volunteer System

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Global Education Section(1st floor, General Education Building No.1)


TEL: 098-895-8131

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