Call for Applications for Short-Term International Exchange Programs

1. Guidebooks

2017-2018 Application Guidebooks

2. Application Forms

1. Application Form for STRP and URSEP <Form1>
*Please submit both hard copy and the data

2. Application Forms for STRP and URSEP <Form2-6>

*Please submit hard copy

Please download Form 1 and Form 2-6, and use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them.
This application package must be submitted to the International Student Office at the applicant’s home institution. Do not send it directly to the University of the Ryukyus.

3. Submission Deadlines

First Term (Arrival in Japan in April 2017): Submission by October 21 (Fri.), 2016
Second Term (Arrival in October 2017): Submission by January 27 (Fri.), 2017

Arrival in October 2017: Submission by January 27 (Fri.), 2017

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